The town of Doneraile stands on the northern slope of Knockahur hill, which rises by a gentle slope from the river and gradually ascends to a rocky prominence. However, it was not this rocky prominence but one near the graveyard of Oldcourt which together with an ancient fort built thereon, gave the town its name, Doneraile, i.e. “Dún ar Aill”, meaning “the fort on the cliff”. The countryside around Doneraile is very scenic and has a wealth of historical associations.Doneraile (Irish: Dún ar Aill), historically Dunerayl, is a town in County Cork, Ireland. It is located on the R581 regional road 8 km east of the N20 road which runs from Limerick to Cork. It is about 12 km north of Mallow town. It is situated on the River Awbeg, a branch of the Blackwater.

Doneraile Development Association have recently launched its historical book of Doneraile “A Taste Of Doneraile”. This reflects the history of Doneraile of the past few hundred years and is a must for anybody wanting to immerse themselves in Doneraile’s History and Culture. All proceeds go to the development and growth of the greater Doneraile area and environs.

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